Sunday, April 23, 2017

Beauty Reviews - Primark Liquid Matte Lipsticks & Sleek Highlighter Palette

Super Matte Liquid Lipsticks (Shades: KIM and KARLA) //£2.00
I have always ignored primark's beauty and makeup stands... until now! I spotted these nude matte lipsticks on the off chance when I was simply browsing around my local primark store. I have grown to love them, with my favourite shade being Karla - the darker nude colour. They are creamy in consistency and aren't too drying on the lips. I always tend to apply a little vaseline underneath matte lip products so it feels smoother. For £2.00 I am so glad I purchased these. They are similar colours to the MAC retro matte lipsticks at a fraction of the price!

Sleek Highlighter Eye Palette - Solstice //£9.99
I have seen this palette on various beauty Instagram feeds and since I needed a new highlighter, I decided to purchase this Sleek one from Boots. It's very light yet pigmented on the skin & has a nice pearlescent shine to it! It's a little more expensive than my original Revolution highlighter, however I much prefer this gold packaging. The brush is a little useless, I find it doesn't pick up enough product, so I will be sticking to my larger fan brush for this palette!

Have you ever purchased from Primark's beauty section?
Hannah X

Friday, April 14, 2017

Blonde Hair - Dye and Maintenance Tips // Jerome Russell B Blonde

I have always dyed my own hair, ever since I was in school and started the experimental phase. After going back and forth between blonde, brown and black, I have finally settled with blonde hair... for now(!) I get a lot of questions about what I use so I've put together this post on how I achieve and mantain my blonde hair.

Jerome Russell B blonde high lift powder bleach // £3.99
Jerome Russell B blonde maximum cream peroxide (30vol) // £1.69 per bottle
Using these according to the instructions, you mix one sachet of powder bleach with one bottle of peroxide. I tend to keep it on for about 30 mins maximum, otherwise you will just fry your hair and fall out in clumps - yes, I've been there and made that mistake! Make sure you use your phone timer so you know exactly when to wash it off.

Jerome Russell B Blonde Silver Toner // £4.49
After completing the bleach process my hair will tend to look like a yellowish blonde, which I personally don't like. So I tone my hair with the B Blonde Silver Toner, leaving it on at the roots for about 15 mins. This is a blue purple colour, which looks scary at first but its going to counteract the yellow tones & works a treat.
Superdrug Colour Effects - Cool Blonde 8.1 // £1.99
Thoughout the week I will then maintain the cool blonde colour by using superdrugs own brand cool blonde colour toner every 2-3 washes, leaving it on for about 5-10 mins. Again, this is a blue colour toner which is designed to neutralise brassy tones.

All of the products are available to purchase from Superdrug. They now have an online ordering system where you can purchase online and collect in store for FREE. Click here to see the full Jerome Russell B Blonde range at 

Are you brave enough to dye your own hair?
Hannah X

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Save VS Splurge - Setting Sprays (Urban Decay & Maybelline)

Ever wondered if it's really worth spending premium prices when there are so many more affordable high street versions? Here's my opinion when it comes to battle of the setting sprays! 

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray // £23.50
The most famous and talked about setting spray on the market is Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray. It is supposed to keep your makeup looking fresh all night or day long without any cakey, fine lines appearing. The spray itself is very very fine, so I feel like I need to spray a lot for it to work its magic. A little does not go a long way - which not ideal considering the price tag. I personally don't find this prolongs my makeup any longer than normal, as I still have to powder my face midday. However, I do think it adds a fresh look to your makeup and gives a light, dewy finish. 

Maybelline Super Stay 24 // £6.99
This is one of the drugstore products which you can get as an alternative to the more expensive setting sprays. Maybellines range states that it's for 24 hour makeup wear, although I'm not entirely sure why anyone would wear makeup for that long! The first few times I used this it sprayed a load of white dots all over my face. Not great when I was in a rush to leave... however after a good shake of the bottle and holding it further away when misting, I fell in love with this product! Its not as fine as the urban decay setting spray, so I use about two spritz and it sets almost instantly and looks really fresh. I personally find this much more 'setting' than the urban decay product and I don't need to touch up throughout the day. For £6.99 you really can't go wrong!

I have also tried Revolutions setting spray & also a version by MUA - both available in Superdrug for around £5. However they were very light and more like water based products. Overall, I won't deny that the Urban Decay Setting Spray is good... but I much prefer the Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour one which offers pro longed makeup wear at a much more affordable price.

Have you tried any of these setting sprays? Which is your favourite?
Hannah X
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